What we stand for

Unired Químicas SAS. is an expert company in chemical raw materials that addresses the needs of quality, reliability and timeliness of its customers to obtain the benefit of an efficient manufacturing. We have achieved the confidence of our trading partners, thanks to the support of world-renowned manufacturers and excellence in their internal processes to ensure optimal response times and technical assistance through specialist advisers in each sector.

To reach your company is providing you with years of experience, loyalty, knowledge and quality. Beyond deliver raw materials, we guarantee a partnership where it will have all the accompaniment to implement product solutions and enjoy the results support by commitment to quality, human resources and the environment.


Supporting the Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Food and Veterinary Industries in the manufacture of their products, providing raw materials directly from their manufacturers at competitive prices, as well as providing technical assistance and logistics with the highest commitment to fulfill the expectations of the customer in terms of quality and service.


Be the most highly qualified raw material supplier known by the quality and service provided to the client in the pharmaceutical, personal care, food and veterinary industries.


Respect: We encourage respect for our clients, colleagues, and to the company, because we listen, understand and fully appreciate the opinions of others.

Excellence: We are committed to meet and fulfill our duties and obligations to achieve the purposes of the Organization.

Commitment: We continuously seek to improve our performance, with dedication, commitment and conviction to meet our personal and institutional objectives

Quality: We offer our customers very high quality products, with our focus fixed on service and technical support, adding value to the satisfaction of our customers, as well as our own satisfaction.

Unired Químicas S.A.S. - Tel: (571) 745 1600 - Fax: (571) 877 6088 - e-mail: unired@uniredcolombia.com

Aut. Medellín vía Parque la Florida Km 1.2 P.I. Terrapuerto Bodega 42, Cota, Cundinamarca, Colombia.